Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Phenological and Yield Characteristics of Some Rapeseed Varieties Grown Under the Ecological Conditions of Erzurum




This research was carried out in order to determine spring oilseed rape varieties suitable for Erzurum conditions. In this trial, 16 foreign rapeseed varieties obtained from different regions of Turkey were used. According to the two years-data, some characteristics of tested rapeseed varieties varied as follows; the emergence period 7.0-9.0 days, the flowering period 41.1-64.5 days, the total vegetation period 106.0-131.1 days, plant height 65.7-105.8 cm, number of branchs per plant 4.5-5.4, number of pods per plant 106.7-190-4, number of seed per pod 17.8-29.2, pod length 4.0-8.1cm, 1000-seed weight 2.8-4.0 g, crude protein content 19.2-22.8%, crude oil content 38.8-45.8%, seed yields per decare 57.6-154.5 kg, dry straw yield per decare 244.3-933.3 kg, oil yield per decare 22.3-68.3 kg. These results of the experiment have showed that Tower, Lirawell, Semu DNK 87/207 Na were concluded to the best varieties to ecological conditions of Erzurum.

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