Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

The Effects of Lime, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Applied to Acid Soils on Mineral Element Contents of Hungarian Vetch




This study has been conducted to determine the effects of lime, nitrogen and phosphorus applied to acid soils on mineral element contents of hungarian vetch (Vicia pannonica Crantz.) According to results of this experiment has been carried out in the greenhouse conditions with acid soils taken from Terme vicinity: 1. Lime application increased the contents of P, Ca and Na but decreased the contents of Fe, Zn, Mn and K/Ca+Mg ratio. Nitrogen application increased the levels of P and Mg, on the other hand decreased Zn in plants. By phosphorus application P and Mg contents of plants increased, but K and Fe decreased. 2. In terms of animal feeding hungarian vetch had high level of Ca, K, Fe, Cu, Zn and Mn. The levels of P and Mg were sufficient whereas Na was not. 3. As for the ration of some mineral elements in hay K/Ca+Mg ratio was fine, on the other hand because of high level of K, K/Mg and K/Na ratios were lower than standarts.

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