Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Meat Consumption and Expenditure Elasticities: A Cross-Section Study in Konya City




In this study, disaggragate meat consumption and expenditure of household in Konya city were investigated with data obtained by questionnaire. Questionnaire data cover 396 households in different socio-economic classes. Study results show that an average food expenses in household total expenditure is 47.2 % and meat expenses in household food budget is 21.7 %. Using average household size and assuming household consumption equals for every month, per capita annual aggregate meat consumption were estimated 25.4 kg. The break-down of household meat consumption indicates that beef and veal share is 33.8%, mutton and lamb share is 17.0%, poultry meat share is 30.3% and suasage share is 9.1% in total meat consumption With household expenditure data and using Engel curves based on 'Stone's Linear Exependiture System', expenditure elasticities were estimated 0.65 , 0.75, and 1.69 respectively for red meat, poultry meat and processed meat products.

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