Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

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A Research on the Cytological Characters of Some Medic Species (Medicago scutellata, M. orbicularis, M. polymorpha) Occured in Native Vegetation of Çukurova Region




This research was conducted to determine cytological characters of three annual alfalfa species (Medicago scutellata, M. orbicularis, M. polymrpha) occured in native vegetation of Çukurova region. The results of the cytological studies showed that the chromosome numbers of Medicago scutellata, M. orbicularis and M. polymorpha were 2n=30, 2n=16 and 2n=14, respectively. Also, it has been found sat-chromosome and secondary constriction at the first chromosome of Medicago scutellata and the second chromosome of Medicago polymorpha.

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