Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

An Investigation on Preparing of Forest Transport Plans at the Mountainous Regions (Anexample for Kümbet Forest District)


H. Hulusi ACAR




In forest management, transportation stage involves a rather difficult, expensive and time-consuming activity. Transportation of forest yield from forest to the landings have been practiced in various forms. Transporting forest yield with minimum loss in quality and quantity to itself and with minimum damage to the environment forms a crucial matter in our country. Unfortunately, this point has been neglected in forest transport planning to date. In this study first, a suitable area for forest transport planning was selected. This is region known as Kümbet Forest District. Then, a terrain classification and an optimum forest road network planning for the region were carried out. In addition, for Kümbet District or for other similar regions time and cost analysis were performed. With the proposed Kümbet Forest Transport Plan, the extraction of forest yield can be performed in a shorter time with decreased cost, The rate of mechanization has been raised from 6.4 % to 37.4 % for stumpage for ten-years period. Furthermore, the plan ensures the most efficient use of the existing transport machinery, reduction of the losses in quality and quantity during transportation and thus less time-consuming for the operation. Consequently, the proposed plan promotes an effective management of our forest resources.

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