Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

An Investigation on the Extraction From Compartment by Mobile Skylines at the Mountainous Region


H. Hulusi ACAR




Mobile skylines in forest operations, in our country and world as such, generally had been certified to be used on the steep terrains. This case had increased the importance of skylines in the forest transport operations. Studies had been made on the different test areas of Eastern Black Sea Region. Koller K 300 and URUS M III mobile skylines had been examined as economical and technical. Time and cost analysis were performed. Productivity was determined to be 6.734 m3/hour for URUS M III and 3.312 m3/hour for Koller K 300 for average 250 m distance. Average costs were found 37.046 $/hour for URUS M III and 13.599 $/hour for Koller K 300 mobile skyline. Furthermore, URUS M III mobile skylines which can be set up for longer distances were found stronger and more expensive where compared to.

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