Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Effect of Soil Temperature on Growth and Yield of Squash Under Different Mulch Applications in Plastic Tunnel and Open-Air




Soil temperature is one of the important factors which affects plant growth and yield. In this study, soil temperature variations in different soil depths were monitored through growing period. Then, effetcs of soil temperature variations on growth and yield of squash (Cucubita pepo L.cv. Jedida F1) were investigated under different cover types. High plastic tunnel, low plastic tunnel and control cover types with transparent plastic mulch, black plastic mulch and mulchless applications have been used in this research. Accoding to results, the most suitable soil temperature distribution was obtained from transparent plastic mulch application of high plastic tunnel. On the other hand, there is no statistically difference between tunnels types aspects of plant growth and yield. Transparent plastic mulch in all tunnel types was found more efficient on first blossoming time, first harvesting time, leaf area and total yield than other mulch applications. Especially, mulchless appilcations in all tunnel types showed the lowest plant growth and yield values.

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