Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Different Oxidant Addition and the Effects of Mechanical Dough Methods on the Quality of Bread




In this research, by using different mixer rotation and adding different levels of L-Ascorbicacid and potassiumbromate (KBrO3) to wheat, bread was made by short time bread making methods and the results obtained were evaluated statistically. Spesific volume in bread made by speed mixer (1500 rpm) increased considerably. Staling in bread without fermantation (0 min. main fermantation time) was faster than other treatments. The best colour intensity inside the bread was obtained from the samples in mixer speed of 1500 rpm and 75 ppm L.A.Acid. The highest specific volume and the lowest firmness of bread were obtained from the samples in 30 min. of main fermantation, and the best colour intensity inside bread from the samples in 15 min. of main fermantation. Oxidant level had an increasing effect on specific volume and improved bread porosity. Using high speed mixers and oxidants appeared positive results as to mechanically dough naturation and bread property.

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