Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Determination of Nectarine Cultivars Suitable to Subtropical Climatic Conditions




This work was carried out in the orchards of the Department of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Çukurova during 1992-1993. In the research, the growth rate and flowering periods of the 11 experimental nectarine cultivars were determined. On the other hand, the ripening periods of the cultivars were found and in the weighted degree calculations by considering fruit weight, size (width, length and height), fruit flesh/seed rate, total malic acid, pH content, fruit rind color, the following results were obtained; Armking and E. Sun Grand were recommended as early season, Weignberger and Cherokee were recommended as middle season, Redgold and Maygrand were recommended as late season nectarine cultivars. The yield per tree of the recommended cultivars were generally high. In the both experimental years, Weinberger, Maygrand, Cherokee cultivars gave the highest value from the view point of yield per tree. For the yield per trunk section, Armking and Weinberger gave the highest results. However, the yield per tree of Armking and Firebrite were low. Weinberger was found as the satisfying cultivar for the yield per tree and yield per trunk section. For the fruit size, E. Sun Grand, Snow Queen and Crimson Gold were the best cultivars in 1992. Redgold and Firebrite gave the highest results for fruit flesh firmness. Firebrite also gave the highest TSS content in the both experimental years.

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