Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Investigations on Some Factors and Strains Affected the Production of Alternaria- Toxins by Thin Layer Chromatographic Method




Alternaria species are common in foods, feeds and other agricultural products. They are host specific and produce toxic metabolites which are described as "Alternaria- toxins". In this study A.alternata, A.citri, A.solani and A.triticina were isolated from naturally infected tomatoes, orange and wheat samples collected in Elazig/Türkiye. They are identified in our laboratory. Toxin productions of the Alternaria species in modified Czapek-Dox Broth (mCDB) have been investigated. Interacting effects of different time, pH and sugars (glucose, fructose and sucrose) on toxin productions were also investigated. We found that the highest tenuazonic acid (TeA), alternariol (AOH) and alternariol methyl ether (AME) production was in 21 days at pH 8.0 and 15-25¼C. We also obserwed that the glucose was most effective on the production of TeA, AOH and AME in mCDB.

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