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The aim of this study was to determine the most suitable seeding rate and cutting stage of Narbonne Vetch (Vicia narbonensis L.) for forage and seed production. This experiment was arranged as split plot design with three replications for forage production. Cutting stages (early bloom, middle bloom, beginning of podding) were main plots and seeding rates (16, 18, 20, 22, 24 kg/da) were considered as sub plots. Another experiment was arranged in Randomized blocks to determine the effect of same seeding rates on seed yield. Plant height, green froage yield and hay yield increased seeding rate. Hay yield decreased with using of amount of seed more than 20 kg/da. On the other hand, hay yield increased in delayed cutting. The highest hay yield was obtained from beginning of pod setting period with 618 kg/da. However, hay yield of 410 kg/da was obtained on early cutting (beginning of bloom) in the end of March. Seeding rates did not statistically affect seed yield and 1000 seed weight. Seed yield varied from 90.5 to 115.9 kg/da. 1000 seed weight ranged from 183.3 to 186.9 g.

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