Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry




This study was conducted to investigate the fruit development and cellular morphology of some quince cultivars selected in Ege Region of Turkey. During the developing period from fullbloom to harvest maturity, fruit diameter increased linearly but fruit weight followed in simple sigmoid curve. The dimensions of radial epidermal and tangential hypodermal cells increased at the same rate and 4-6 fold, isodiametric paranchymatic cells 7 fold. In mature fruit, they were 20-25 x 40-80 µm, 25-40 x 70-100 µm and 300 µm, respectively. The cell number on fruit flesh thicknes has increased from 40 to 110 in 6 weeks from fullbloom and then unchanged. Fruit flesh has starch granules with 2-5 lobes, more tannin cells, sclereid cell groups and bicolateral vessels.

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