Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry




According to the results obtained from two years rotation experiment, which was carried out under Ankara-Haymana dryfarming conditions during 1991-1993, conclusions can be summarized as follows: Soil water contents measured during vegetation period as well as at harvest time of six previous crops were significantly different in the first year of the rotation. At harvest time of previous crops and planting time of wheat, higher soil water content found in fallow plots in comparison to winter sown legumes (lentil, vetch, pea and Hungarian vetch). Oil radish and mustard as other previous crops, led to the lowest soil water content. In fallow plots available soil water (above wilting point) could be still observed in 60-90 cm depth. whereas no available moisture was left in this soil layer in case of majority of previous crop plots. On the other hand increased organic matter resideus could be measured in previous crop plots in comparison to fallow plots. Biological yield and grain yield of wheat were positively effected (3.1+ to 8.9 + %) by higher soil water content at harvest time of previous crops and planting time of wheat.

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