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Various processes were applied to vine-leaves (used in stuffed vine-leaves) to maintain their colour, taste and aroma. Lactic acid, citric acid or salicilic acid of 0.25 % each were added into brine for fermentation of Sultani, Alphons and Erenköy beyazi vine-leaves. Fermentations were carried out in two ways. First one was spontaneous fermentation but in the second one Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus plantarum and Pediococcus pentosaceus were added in a rate of 3 % as starters. Colour, salt (%), pH, acidity (%), reduced sugar (%) analyses were carried out in fresh vine-leaves. Changes in the amount of salt (%), acidity (%), pH and reduced sugars (%) were observed during fermentation. The results were subjected to statical analyses. According to the results, the treatment with brine (5 %) and starter reached the highest acid value. After fermentation the vine-leaves have pasteurized in polyethylene bags for 15 minutes at 65¼C, 75¼C and 85¼C. Pasteurization at 75¼C was enough for storage of vine-leaves, without spoil for a long time. Sultani vine-leaves were found the most suitable for brined vines-leaves and the best result in taste tasting was obtained with Sultani vine-leaves in respect to colour, taste, odour and fibre.

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