Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

BNSSC Pulping of Beech Wood Chips (Fagus orientalis Lipsky)




Biological pretreatment of wood chips by white-rot fungi is an encouraging modification of pulping process in order to reduce the environmental pollution. In this study, control and biologically treated wood chips with Oyster mushroom were cooked by NSSC pulping conditions which were systematically arranged. Chemical analyses showed that 35th day of incubation was the optimal degradation time in which the lignin decomposition was faster than other major components. Impregnation of pretreated wood chips by cooking liquors was easier than the control. Besides, BNNSC pulps were obtained with lesser chemical and shorter cooking time than control NSSC pulps. Tearing index of handsheet papers of BNSSC were remarkably reduced whereas no considerable (P Keywords:

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