Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Morphogenetic and Ontogenetic Variability of Oil and Fatty Acids in Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)




In this research oil content and fatty acid variability were determined with 10 days intervals by starting from 20 th. to 60 th. days after % 50 flowering in the seeds of the basal, middle and apical capsules of cv. Muganli-57. Oil content in the sesame seed increased rapidly in 40 days after flowering and then reached slowly its maximum value in 50 days after flowering, but decreased at the end of maturity stage. While oleic and stearic acids decreased, linoleic acid increased during the development stages of seeds. The proportion of oleic acid decreased and the proportion of linoleic acid linearly from the basal to apical capsules of the plant. Capsule position had little effect on palmitic and stearic acid. The highest oil percentage was obtained from middle capsules. Oil stability decreased singificantly as the plants got matured and also from basal to apical capsules.

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