Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Influence of Certain Agronomic Traits on Yield Performance of Corn Inbreds and Their Single Cross Hybrids in Short Season Areas






Corn (Zea mays) hybrids that combine high yielding potential and early maturity in short season areas are needed. This study was conducted to determine the relationships among various agronomic traits in inbreds, hybrids and between inbreds and their progeny. Leaf growth rate was a stable parameter over the years and locations for the inbreds and hybrids indicating that it could be used as the selection criterion. Phenotypic correlations among seven traits for the hybrids were not the same when compared with the inbreds. The highest correlation coefficient (r=0.78) was obtained between days to anthesis and yield in hybrids. The high yielding inbreds did not necessarily give rise to high yielding progeny. Given that days to anthesis plays an important role in two major traits (yield and moisture) for hybrids, an emphasis on optimum anthesis dates during inbred development could be a useful criterion for the prediction of hybrid performance in short season areas.

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