Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Relationships Between Frost Resistance and Macro- and Micro- Element Contents of Fruit Buds of Some Peach Cultivars




This study was carried out to examine the physiological relationships between the frost resistance of fruit buds and their nutrient content in Cardinal, Dixired, Redhaven, J. H. Hale, and H. Giant peach cultivars. The differences in the frost resistance ability of the cultivars were significantly important. However, their frost resistance ability increased during December, reached a maximum in January and February, and then decreased in March. Generally, Redhaven was found to be the hardiest cultivar, and it was followed by J. H. Hale and Dixired. Among the nutrients, nitrogen, calcium, and iron were higher in the winter; sodium was lower in the winter and higher in November and March. During both experimental periods, the high level of nitrogen, calcium, and iron had a positive correlation with the frost resistance ability of cultivars.

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