Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Investigations on the Phytophagous and Predator Insect Species on Stone-Fruits in North-East Agricultural Region of Turkey




Phytophagous and predator insect species were investigated on apricot, peach, plum, morello cherry, and cherry in the North-east Agricultural Region of Turkey during 1991 and 1992. The samples were taken in orchards in Erzurum, Artvin, Erzincan, Igdir and Kars provinces. At the result of this study, 123 phytophagous and 41 predators totally 164 species were recorded in various orders, families and genera. Among phytophagous species, Hyalopterus pruni (Geoffroy) (Aphididae), Pterochloroides persicae (Cholodkovsky) (Lachnidae), Rynchites auratus (Scop.), R. bacchus (L.) (Attelabidae), Anthonomus pomorum (L.) (Curcilionidae), Cydia pomonella (L.) (Tortricidae), Lyonetia clerckella L. (Lyonetidae), Rhagoletis cerasi L. (Tephritidae), and Eurytoma schreineri Schreiner (Eurytomidae) have economic importance as pest on various stone fruits in this region. E. schreineri detected as a new apricot pest in Turkey and infested 20-25% of apricot fruits. R. auratus is the most serious pest of the morello cherry fruits and the rate of infestation is 10-85% . Adults of R. bacchus feed on the apricot fruits and make several holes, in addition, this species nibbles fruit steams and cause drop off up to 90% of fruits in some localites. This study brought out that R. auratus and R. bacchus have economic importance in this region. On the other hand, although Acronicta tridens (D. & S.) (Noctuidae) and Caliroa limacina Retz. (Tenthredinidae) show local distribution they cause important damages in infested orchards. Psylliodes kasyi Lopatin (Chrysomelidae) and E. schreineri are new records for Turkish fauna. Moreover, the larva of Gypsonoma rosaecolana Dbld. (Tortricidae), bore through the flesh of the apricot fruits. Syndemis musculana Hb. (Tortricidae) and Ypsolopha persicella F. (Yponomeutidae) feed on apricot and peach leaves, respectively. Among predator species, Nagusta goedeli (Klt.) (Reduviidae), Anthocoris nemoralis (F.), A. sibiricus Rt. (Anthocoridae), Chrysoperila carnea (Stephens) (Chrysopidae), Scymnus subvillosus (Goeze), Stethorus punctillum Ws. (Coccinellidae), Episyrphus balteatus (DeGeer), Melanostoma mellinum (L.), Metasyrphus corollae (F.) and Sphaerophoria scripta L. (Syrphidae) were dominant species in this region. In addition, preys of some species were also determined.

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