Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Economic Structure, Irrigation Methods, Financial and Credit Problems of Farms in Söke Plain




The pressure of rapid population increase on agriculture lands and water resources that is the most important subject for the future of our world has been increasing. ThatÕs why economic analysis has been needed in every branches of agricultural production activities during the process of input usage. By means of economic anlysis, productivity and rantability can certainly bring up and can help producers to make more suitable decisions at the rank of production process. In this research, production pattern and structure, irrigation methods, labour and capital structure and credit the most productive ones of Aegean region were determined. Also according to farm size groups, gross income, operating costs, annual activity results and rantability ratios were examined. It was determined that because of density cotton producing, some farms which have not enough animal husbandry, have much more plant production value. In respect of capital structure, land capital (94, 15 %) takes the first place and machine-equipment capital (69,27 %) is second in net assets. In the research area, it was determined as rantability factor is 51,82 %, economic rantability is 6,07 % and financial rantability is 7,85 %. It was determined that the most use of irrigation methods is furrow irrigation method and the most important credit resource is Turkish Agriculture Bank in the research area.

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