Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

The Effects of "Tuzcu" Sour Orange Clones Selected From the Eastern Mediterrenean Region on the Fruit Yield and Quality of Kütdiken Lemon




This study has been carried out at the Department of Horticulture, the Faculty of Agriculture, the University of Çukurova, Adana, Turkey. In this study the effects of TUZCU sour orange clones, with 29 various genetic make up (TUZCU 33-1, TUZCU 33-2, TUZCU 33-3, TUZCU 33-4, TUZCU 33-5, TUZCU 33-6, TUZCU 33-7, TUZCU 33-7, TUZCU 33-8, TUZCU 33-9, TUZCU 33-10, TUZCU 33-12, TUZCU 01-13, TUZCU 01-14, TUZCU 01-15, TUZCU 01-16, TUZCU 01-17, TUZCU 01-18, TUZCU 01-19, TUZCU 01-20, TUZCU 01-21, TUZCU 01-22, TUZCU 01-23, TUZCU 01-24, TUZCU 31-25, TUZCU 31-26, TUZCU 31-27, TUZCU 31-29, TUZCU 31-30, TUZCU 31-31), selected from the Eastern Mediterrenean region, on the fruid yield and quality of ÒKütdikenÓ lemons have been studies throughout two years. Clones have shown rather different effect on fruit yield and quality. TUZCU 01-14, TUZCU 01-16 and TUZCU 01-24 clones gave high fruit yield and had also a positive effect of fruit quality. While TUZCU 33-4 clone is the clone which has the most negative effects on fruit yield. The increasing positive effect of fruit quality of TUZCU 31-30 clone, despite TUZCU 33-10 clone's high yield characteristic but it influenced negatively fruit quality.

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