Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Effects of Different Irrigation Methods on Yield, Evapotranspiration and Root Development of Young Orange Trees




In this study, trickle (drip, D) and mini-sprinkler (MS) irrigation methods were compared in an orange (cv. Washington Navel) orchard in 1981-1987. Soil moisture content in the sprinkler irrigated plots was brought to field capacity by irrigations applied at 40-50 percent of available soil moisture capacity of 90 cm root depth. In trickle systems, the amount of irrigation was calculated using free water surface evaporation (CAP), and four different pan coefficients that varied from 0.60 to 1.20 by 0.20 increments. Irrigations were applied at two days intervals. The yields for both irrigation methods increased continuously in the trial years. Fruit yields were 1344 kg/da for sprinkler, and 534 to 771 kg/da for trickle methods in the last trial year. There was no statistical significant differences between yields in the trickle applications. Although the highest yields were obtained for trickle irrigation (p Keywords:

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