Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Comparison of Chemical Extraction Methods for Plant Available Soil Zinc in Harran Plain Soils




The most suitable chemical extraction methods for plant available soil Zn in Harran Plain soils is investigated. A total of 22 representative surface soil samples are collected from 17 soil series which are widespread in the region. As a biological index, a greenhouse pot experiment with corn as the test plant was also conducted. The test plant was harvested in 52-days from the sowing and dry matter production per pot. Zn content of the test plant (ppm Zn) and total Zn absorption by plant per pot were determined. Plant available soil Zn was determined by 10 chemical extraction methods. When the linear correlation coefficients between soil Zn extracted by the chemical methods (extractants) and the biological indexes were examined, it was concluded that plant available soil Zn is best determined by 0.005 M DTPA+0.01 M CaCl2+0.1 M TEA, 0.01 M HEDTA and 0.01 M Hidrokinon extractants, respectively.

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