Turkish Journal of Agriculture and Forestry

Obtaining Tetraploid Perennial Rye from Diploid Perennial Rye (Secale montanum Guss.) by Colchicine Treatment




In this study, we have examined the mitotis and meiosis chromosomes of the diploid (2n=14) perennial rye (Secale montanum Guss.) and tetraploid (2n=28) perennial rye obtained artifically by the treatment of colchicine, and some morphological characteristics of both materials have been compared by each other. At the end of the examinations, chromosome number in diploid perennial rye was determined as 2n=14. Satellites were determined on two chromosomes in each genom. The chromosome lengths have changed between 7.00 µm- 8.86 µm. Chromosome number was determined as 2n=28 in tetraploid perennial rye. In each cell, 4 chromosomes with satellite were observed. Chromosome lenghts have changed between 7.70 µm- 9.15 µm. Tetraploid perennial rye was compared as for the morphological characters. According to the measurements, tetraploid plant has reached to higher values than the diploid plants.

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