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This is the first clustering analysis of the 53 species of the genus Eucypris where we used 28 plesiomorphic and apomorphic character states in the Winclada/NONA program. Accordingly, Eucypris dorlionensis n. sp. was clustered within Group 2, in which the new species was clearly separated from the other species of the genus based on the shape of the carapace, presence of fine hair-like setae on the carapace surface, the position of the maximum height of the carapace, and length ratio of terminal claws of the second antenna. Eucypris dorlionensis n. sp. was collected from a trough in Eskişehir province in Türkiye where this is the first new species description of the genus that the number of species of the genus has now increased to 10. Besides, the genus is of cosmopolitan distribution known from a variety of aquatic bodies in the world. Including the new species, the number of the species has now raised to 56.


Ostracoda, Eucypris, new species, clustering analyses, distribution

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