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Between June 2020 and May 2021, we studied the fauna road mortality on a recently asphalted local road in a protected area in southwestern Romania (Iron Gates Natural Park–IGNP). Despite our expectation of reduced road mortality because of the very low traffic (3.97 cars/hour), numerous animals belonging to a high number of taxa were killed. Animals were killed throughout the entire year, even amphibians in the winter months, which normally should hibernate in that period. Road mortality differences between periods and sectors were obvious. Plant assemblages near the road influence the composition and intensity of road mortality. Diverse habitats near the road have diverse plant assemblages and richer fauna, which are more affected by the road. The highest road mortality intensity was registered in areas with diverse plant assemblages. The possibilities of diverse mitigation measures are also discussed, all implying the decrease of the traffic intensity in the touristic season, which overlaps the road mortality hot time.


Traffic intensity, habitat peculiarities, plant assemblages, seasonal differences, mitigation measures

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