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The present study offers the first report of length-weight relationships (LWRs) and relative condition factor (K$_{n}$) of coralassociated snapper fishes namely: Lutjanus johnii, L. quinquelineatus, and L. xanthopinnis collected from Pulau Kambing fish landing port, Terengganu waters of South China Sea, Malaysia. This study also offers a new maximum total length of 26.8 cm (standard length of 21.3 cm) for L. xanthopinnis. A total of 861 specimens were collected monthly from March 2022 to February 2023 that were caught by using different types of fishing gear such as gill nets (mesh size 45-48 mm), hooks (numbers 9-12), and trawl nets (cod end mesh size 38 mm). In LWRs the growth coefficient b value was calculated at 2.602, 2.962, and 3.051, and the coefficient of determination r$^{2}$ value 0.948, 0.906, and 0.961 for L. johnii, L. xanthopinnis, and L. quinquelineatus, respectively. The student's t-test showed L. johnii had a negative allometric growth pattern. On the other hand, L. quinquelineatus and L. xanthopinnis showed an isometric growth pattern. The K$_{n}$ values for L. johnii, L. quinquelineatus, and L. xanthopinnis were 1.005, 1.030, and 1.024 which indicates they are in a state of healthy growth. LWRs data for three Lutjanus species from the Malaysian South China Sea can be used for fisheries research and management of stocks.


Marine fishes, snappers, new maximum length, length-weight relationships, condition factor

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