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Installing an artificial nest box has a positive effect on the cavity nesters such as great tit (Parus major). Beyond the process of installing an artificial nest box, a study on the effect of ecological factors on breeding performance is necessary. This study was conducted to evaluate the ecological factors influencing breeding performance of great tits (Parus major) in artificial nest boxes in temperate mixed forests. In this study, the first egg-laying date and percentage of shrub were closely related among ecological factors. Variable influencing clutch size was date of first egg-laying date. Percentage of shrub had a positive relation to hatching success and fledgling success. First egg-laying date may represent quality of parental individuals. In addition, shrub can provide better food resources and has an impact on hatching success and fledgling success. These results suggest that higher quality of parental individual predominates the better the foraging site for enhancing breeding success. Also, managing shrubs in the forest appear to have a positive effect on breeding performance. Moreover, long-term ecological research is needed for the conservation of the birds and their habitats.


Clutch size, first egg-laying date, fledgling success, hatching success, shrub

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