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The current status of the inland waters ichthyofauna of Iran is revised and updated. A total of 292 fish species belong to 3 classes, 24 orders, 36 families and 106 genera inhabit the inland waters of Iran. Among these, 29 species (9.9%) are exotic and 102 species (35%) are endemic. Orders with the largest numbers of species in the ichthyofauna of Iran are the Cypriniformes (182 species) followed by Gobiiformes (30 species), Cyprinodontiformes (15 species), Siluriformes (12 species), Clupeiformes (10 species), Acipenseriformes and Cichliformes (7 species) and Mugiliformes (6 species). At the family level, the Cyprinidae has the greatest number of species (74 species; 25.34% of the total species), followed by the Nemacheilidae (47 species), Leuciscidae (42 species), Gobiidae (30 species), Aphaniidae (11 species), Clupeidae (10 species), Acipenseridae and Cichlidae and Sisoridae (7 species in each) and Cobitidae and Mugilidae (6 species).


Freshwater ichthyofauna, Iran, endemism, introduced

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