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Laodelphax striatellus is one of the most important pest insects and vectors of rice stripe virus (RSV), which causes rice stripe disease (RSD) in rice plants. L. striatellus is infected by Wolbachia. RSV and Wolbachia may be regulated by a cell defense mechanism within insect cells called autophagy. We utilized autophagic chemicals to predict the relationships between Atg8 (an importance of autophagy-related genes), Wolbachia, and RSV within L. striatellus. The relative expressions and density level of Atg8, RSV, and Wolbachia were determined by three autophagy inducers and two inhibitors. We examined the effect of chemicals on the host. We report that Wolbachia relative densities were always higher than RSV relative expression. The presence of Wolbachia possibly confounds the linearity relationship between Atg8 and RSV in L. striatellus. Spermidine and 3-methyladenine were found to be better autophagic chemicals for reducing the RSV load and allowing a normal host?s life. Still, they do not affect the Wolbachia density. This discovery demonstrates the potential to manipulate autophagy-related genes as an alternative type of RSD control.


Atg8, Wolbachia, rice stripe virus, small brown planthopper

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