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China's mangroves provide important habitat for many endangered fish species, but, there has been little research upon the diversity and the distribution of fish species within mangroves habitats. To compile an inventory of fish fauna in this field, a total of 14 ichthyological surveys were conducted in Zhanjiang Mangrove during different seasons between August 2016 and December 2019. A total of 208 fish species have identified belonging to 18 orders, 69 families and 142 genera from Zhanjiang Mangroves National Nature Reserve, the largest mangrove habitat in China. Of these 17 species are listed as threatened species in the IUCN Red List. Our research indicates that nonnative species, overfishing, and pollution from aquaculture have severely threatened the fish biodiversity of the mangrove habitat in Zhanjiang. To better protect native biodiversity and fisheries, specific measures and management strategies should be adopted and enforced. This study recommends management approaches to better protect, sustain and manage fisheries and fish biodiversity in Zhanjiang mangrove habitat.


China, conservation, fishery, invasive fish, mangrove

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