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The current status and annotated checklist of fresh- and brackish-water amphipod species inhabiting the inland waters (streams, lakes, ponds, lagoons, subterranean waters, etc.) of Turkey is presented. Totally, 171 papers, 3 books, 3 book chapters, 5 conference papers, 2 projects, 3 PhD and 3 MSc thesis were examined in the present study. As the result of the previous records, 201 taxa comprising 121 amphipods (16 families, 31 genera), 27 isopods (9 families, 13 genera), 9 mysids (1 family, 5 genera), 4 tanaids (3 families, 4 genera) and 40 decapods (16 families, 18 genera) were compiled. All the previously recorded localities of each taxon were listed in detail. The endemic taxa and the doubtful records were indicated and discussed. Twenty maps showing the distribution of reported species were also presented.


Freshwater, brackish water, distribution, lake, stream, benthos

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