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Studies regarding the cinereous vulture (Aegypius monachus), classified globally as near threatened, have recently accelerated in Turkey. Comprehensive studies particularly about the northwestern Anatolian population, have been conducted. Also, the genetic studies carried out, have revealed that the cinereous vulture population in Turkey is panmictic and that it has recently suffered a bottleneck. The main aim of this study conducted across the Köroğlu Mountains in Bolu was to determine the population size and the breeding success of the species. A total of 37 field surveys in 2018 and 2019 have revealed Turkey's largest breeding cinereous vulture colony and have detected 60 breeding pairs. However, breeding success remained low. Considering this and other pertinent population studies, at least 200 pairs are estimated to breed in northwestern Anatolia. Conservation of the species is crucial in terms of the health and sustainability of the ecosystem; therefore, data related to nests must be incorporated into local forest management plans to sustain the Cinereous vulture population and breeding here.


Cinereous vulture, breeding success, population, Köroğlu Mountains, north-west Anatolia

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