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Kinorhynchs from eight sandy, shallow water localities along the west and south coasts of Turkey were examined. The study resulted in the finding of six different species: Two species, Echinoderes gerardi and Cephalorhyncha flosculosa were known from Turkey, two species, Echinoderes riedli and Campyloderes vanhoeffeni were known from the Mediterranean, but are new to Turkey, and two species, Echinoderes sp. and E. shahmaranae sp. nov. are new to science. Echinoderes sp. resembles E. charlotteae from the Gulf of Mexico, but differs at some minor points. However, since only a single specimen was available, only diagnostic details, but no formal description, is provided. Echinoderes shahmaranae sp. nov. is described from Muğla. The species is distinguished by its unique combination of spine; tube and glandular cell type 2 distributions, as well as the presence of conspicuous, rigid, paraventral cuticular hairs. The latter character was evaluated across all echinoderid species from which information was available. It is present in only sixteen other echinoderid species, and is considered to be a character of potential phylogenetic significance. Other morphological findings include the confirmed lack of paradorsal sensory spots on segments 4 and 5, and presence of a middorsal fissure on segment 11 in C. flosculosa.


Campyloderes, Cephalorhyncha, E. shahmaranae, meiofauna, Kinorhyncha, taxonomy

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