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Despite the increasing importance of species richness of blowfly fauna and their environmental, medical, and agricultural importance in the world they are poorly studied in Turkey. This study was carried out in 2014 and 2015 to determine the distribution, abundance, and species richness of blowfly species in Isparta Province of Turkey. A total of 15 species (10 from Calliphoridae, 4 from Polleniidae, and 1 from Rhiniidae) were identified from 13 different localities. The adult specimens were obtained from areas of organic and decayed organic matters, waste and dumpsite, surrounding waste water deposits, and flowering plants. While all the species were new for Isparta, Bellardia tatrica (Enderlein, 1933), Calliphora subalpina (Ringdahl, 1931), Lucilia silvarium (Meigen, 1826), Melinda gentilis (Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830) and Pollenia griseotomentosa (Jacentkovsky, 1944) were determined as new records for the Turkish fauna. According to the study results, the highest levels of blowfly species richness will be mainly focused in the eastern part of Isparta Province. Chrysomya albiceps and Lucilia sericata were determined as the most common species in the study.


Blowflies, fauna, Isparta, biodiversity, Turkey

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