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A preliminary checklist of blister beetles from Pakistan and Kashmir is carried out, with the inclusion of 79 species. Stenoria osellai sp. nov. from northern Pakistan, Hycleus pakistanus sp. nov. from Baluchistan, and Meloe (Micromeloe) pintoi sp. nov. from Indian Kashmir are described. Three genera, namely Stenoria, Psalydolytta, and Rhampholyssa, and several species belonging to both subfamilies Nemognathinae and Meloinae, are recorded for the first time from these countries, whereas the genera Cerocoma and Glasunovia, previously cited, are excluded. Several new faunistic records are also introduced. The virtually unknown genus Xanthabris Kaszab (tribe Mylabrini) is recorded for the first time since its description, and several of its previously undescribed morphological characters are discussed and figured. Three Oriental species previously described in other genera are referred to the genus Zonitoschema: Z. melanarthra comb. nov., Z. straminea comb. nov., and Z. angustithorax comb. nov. Several previous erroneous records from Pakistan are noted and a preliminary zoogeogeographic analysis of blister beetles of this region is proposed.


Blister beetles, taxonomy, faunistics, zoogeography, Palearctic, Oriental

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