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During faunal rescue activities for the construction of a wind farm in the Northeast Region of Brazil, a single specimen of the gymnophthalmid lizard Anotosaura vanzolinia was captured, which represents the first record of the species for the state of Piauí. We used this record, along with records found in the literature, to model the potential distribution of the species according to environmental suitability using the maximum entropy algorithm MaxEnt. The occurrence records of A. vanzolinia, as well as the model of its potential geographical distribution, revealed that it is more broadly distributed than previously considered. Anotosaura vanzolinia has a disjoint and relictual geographic distribution pattern due to its association with remnant forest environments within the Caatinga Domain. The variables that contributed the most to the model of its ecological niche were annual precipitation (48.9%), soil type (17.5%), and mean diurnal range (10.5%). The species remains endemic to the forest enclaves within the Caatinga Domain.


Caatinga, ecological niche modeling, Ecpleopodini, gymnophthalmid, maximum entropy algorithm, suitable environmental areas, tropical dry forest

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