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Nineteen species of ptyctimous mites were found in 20 samples collected in Cameroon: 15 samples from the Southwest region, near the ocean, and 5 samples from the Northwest region, inland. Two new species: Euphthiracarus (Pocsia) inaequatus sp. n. and Steganacarus (Rhacaplacarus) alius sp. n. are described and figured. Six species are new to Cameroon. The so far unknown instars of Mesoplophora (Mesoplophora) invisitata Niedbala, 1983: larva, proto-, deuto-, and tritonymph are described. The deutonymph and tritonymph of M. (M.) invisitata are compared with the corresponding stages of the related species. The tritonymph of the species of both subgenera, Mesoplophora and Parplophora, differ in the number of setae on the anal and adanal plates, which is an additional morphological character differentiating these subgenera. Two previously known species, Phthiracarus parabaloghi Niedbala, 1983 and Protophthiracarus diatropos Niedbala and Stary, 2014, show some morphological differences compared to their holotypes.


Oribatid, ptyctimous mites, Mesoplophoridae, Phthiracaroidea, Euphthiracaroidea, new species, morphology, taxonomy, Cameroon

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