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The karyotype of the Caucasian pygmy shrew (Sorex volnuchini) consists of 2n = 40 NFa = 54. The X chromosome is metacentric and the Y chromosome is large acrocentric. In the chromosome set, there are six metacentric/submetacentric, one large subtelocentric, one small metacentric, and 11 acrocentric autosomal chromosome pairs. C-negative and C-positive heterochromatin band regions are determined in the karyotype. NORs were localized in the secondary constriction in autosomal pair no. 17 of Sorex volnuchini. The diploid number of the Levant mole (Talpa levantis) is 2n = 34, NFa = 64. The X chromosome is medium size and metacentric. The Y chromosome is the smallest chromosome in the karyotype. There are 10 pairs of metacentric, three submetacentric, and three subtelocentric chromosomes in the chromosome set and X is metacentric and Y is acrocentric. In the karyotype, NOR is located in the secondary constriction region of chromosome no. 8.


Chromosome banding (C - G - NORs), Talpa levantis, Sorex volnuchini, Turkey

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