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A faunistic survey of the genera Bracon Fabricius, 1804 and Habrobracon Ashmead, 1895 was carried out in some parts of northern (Guilan Province), northeastern (North Khorasan Province), eastern (Khorasan-e Razavi and Sistan-o Baluchestan provinces), south-central (Kerman Province), central (Isfahan Province), and western (Kermanshah Province) Iran during 2011-2014. Sampling was done in various agroecosystems and rangelands. In total, 28 species were collected and identified, of which 8 species are recorded for the fauna of Iran for the first time: Bracon alutaceus Szépligeti, 1901; B. (Osculobracon) bilgini Beyarslan, 2002; B. byurakanicus Tobias, 1976; B. marshalli Szépligeti, 1901; B. murgabensis Tobias, 1957; B. (O.) minutus Szépligeti, 1901; B. parvicornis Thomson, 1892; and B. roberti Wesmael, 1838. Bracon bipartitus Wesmael, 1838 and B. (O.) minutus Szépligeti, 1901 are revalidated as separate species. New synonymy is suggested for Bracon rozneri Papp, 1998 syn. nov. and Bracon variator var. chinensis syn. nov. with Bracon bipartitus, and for Bracon chagrinicus Beyarslan, 2002 syn. nov. with B. (O.) minutus. Brief diagnoses are presented for the newly recorded species, as well as for B. bipartitus; B. chrysostigma Greese, 1928; and B. femoralis (Brullé, 1832).


Fauna, eastern provinces, Kermanshah, Isfahan, new record, new synonymy

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