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A catalogue of the terrestrial Eudrilidae and Megascolecidae is provided, with 10 genera and 18 species reported to date from South America. In addition, we provide the valid names, their synonyms, and the original citation. Eudrilidae and Megascolecidae contain members that have a global distribution, probably as a result of human dispersion. The species of eudrilid Eudrilus eugeniae is very common in other regions with a tropical climate, while the megascolecid species Amynthas gracilis is by far the most common earthworm in large cities such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Two samples taken in Brazil revealed two new exotic species from this country: Amynthas robustus (Perrier, 1872) and Pithemera bicincta (Perrier, 1875), which are described and illustrated. Finally, we provide a taxonomic key to the genera of both families.


Oligochaeta, exotic species, Eudrilidae, Megascolecidae, South America

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