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Genetic markers are a useful tool for bird population monitoring, especially when combined with ringing data, and particularly so in vulnerable species. This study compared the effectiveness of two DNA extraction methods: a standard protocol and a commercially available kit. The molecular sex-typing was performed using PCR-based methods with a 2550F/2718R set of primers in three species of herons: Great Egret, Purple Heron, and Grey Heron. Genomic DNA was isolated from feathers, eggshells, and eggshell swabs from 26 individuals. Overall, better DNA yields and purity were obtained by using the standard protocol isolation method. The highest DNA yield was obtained from the pin feathers compared to the contour feathers and eggshells, both of which had lower yields. Eggshell swabs indicated possible contamination with parental/sibling DNA. Our evaluation demonstrates that the optimization of laboratory procedures is beneficial, particularly when different types of noninvasive tissue samples are available.


Ardeidae, CHD, sex determination, polymerase chain reaction

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