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Chaetopleura hennahi (Gray, 1828) is a chiton species characterized by its low profile, a comparatively large and wide body with reddish brown valves, and the presence of short hairs only in the rather narrow mantle. This rare species has been previously cited from Peru and Chile, with a dubious record near Ringdove Inlet in Canal Smyth, southern Chile; however, no field records have confirmed its presence in Chile. Here we present the first confirmed record for C. hennahi in the country based on two specimens found attached to rocks collected from commercial fisheries off Caldera, northern Chile. Considering this record, a continuous presence of Chaetopleura hennahi from Isla Chincha Norte, Peru, to Caldera, northern Chile, is expected.


Chitons, polyplacophorans, southeastern Pacific, subtidal, Peruvian biogeographical province

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