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We describe here 8 instars (from A-8 through A-1) of the postembryonic development of the Cyprididae Chlamydotheca arcuata (Sars, 1901) from hatching to sexually mature individuals. To study the development of this species, cultures of adult parthenogenetic female specimens were established and maintained in the laboratory. The ostracod specimens were collected from temporary ponds and streams in Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. This report provides a description of the chaetotaxy of each limb along with detailed illustrations. Photographs of eggs and carapaces were taken using scanning electron microscopy. The complete development of Chlamydotheca arcuata lasted between 80 and 90 days. In the first instars, the active swimmers are characterized by carapaces that have a greater height in front of the first half of the maximum length and taper toward the rear end to become pointed. The appearance and numbers of the sensory setae on the carapace increase in the latest instars.


Nonmarine ostracods, Chlamydotheca, ontogeny, chaetotaxy

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