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This study aims to elucidate the Collembola fauna of the province of Ordu, which is situated between the Middle and Eastern Black Sea regions of Turkey. Although a large number of Collembolan specimens had been collected, only Entomobryomorpha species were given emphasis. From 44 different sampled localities of the province of Ordu, we recorded 6 families, 14 genera, and 28 species. Six of these species were previously recorded and 20 of them are new records for Turkey. The results were not surprising, considering that the sampled region had not been studied previously, quite like many habitats in Turkey. With our 20 new records (Entomobryomorpha), the grand total of the springtail fauna of Turkey is increased to 73 species. This represents an increase of almost 40% of the current list of known species. These numbers show us that the diversity of Collembola in Turkey is not thoroughly known and it is clear that numerous species remain undiscovered or undescribed.


Biodiversity, Hexapoda, Collembola, springtails, Entomobryomorpha, new records, Ordu Province, Turkey

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