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Sexual dimorphism of two catfish, Mystus pelusius (Solander, 1794) and Glyptothorax silviae Coad, 1981, is presented based on the examination of external morphology of the fish and morphology of the gonads. We observed sexual dimorphism for M. pelusius in the shape and position of the genital papilla. In the male, the genital papilla was a small, fleshy, pointed and broad-based structure. The pelvic fin was short and did not reach back to the genital papilla. In females of M. pelusius the opening of the genital structure was without any protrusion or with a very small, dot-like structure in a few specimens, which the pelvic fin reached and overlapped. In females of G. silviae, the base of the round genital structure was wider and had a small round protrusion. The color of the female was also darker in comparison with the male. In males the base of the round genital structure was narrower and had a longer pointed protrusion. The male body color was lighter than that of females.


Siluriformes, sex differences, genital papilla, body color, pelvic fin

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