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We investigated insects of the Dicle (Tigris) River Basin in terms of their composition and spatiotemporal distribution. Larvae, pupae, pupal exuviae, and nymphs of insects were obtained from samples collected by a plankton net monthly during a 1-year period in 2008 and 2009 at seven different sites of the Dicle (Tigris) River Basin. A total of 35 taxa from the orders Trichoptera (1 taxon), Ephemeroptera (3 taxa), and Diptera (31 taxa) were identified. Chironomidae (Diptera) was the most diverse group and was represented by three major subfamilies, namely Tanypodinae (2 taxa), Orthocladiinae (19 taxa), and Chironominae (7 taxa). Among these species, Nanocladius (Nanocladius) spiniplenus Saether, 1977 is a new record for Turkey as well as for western Asia. In addition, the Psychomyia larvae found for the first time in the Dicle (Tigris) River Basin (Turkey) were described. Both taxa have been illustrated to warrant validation. Taxa number varied spatially from 6 to 14 and temporally from 2 to 12 during the sampling period. Along the river, Cricotopus bicinctus and Orthocladius (S.) holsatus were the most common taxa.


Diptera, Ephemeroptera, Trichoptera, Insecta, Dicle (Tigris) River

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