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Ponds play a vital role in the conservation of aquatic biodiversity at the local level apart from other lakes and rivers. A comparative study was carried out on the aquatic insect diversity of two different ponds, one in an urban area (urban pond, UP) and another in a rural area (Jalinga pond, JP). Two seasonal collections (postmonsoon and winter) were made to check the pollution status of the two ponds based on the aquatic insect community and physicochemical properties of water. Consequently, 29 species, 17 families, and 5 orders of aquatic insects from UP and 17 species, 8 families, and 3 orders from JP were recorded. Aphelonecta sp., Cloeon sp., and Micronecta sp. Were the eudominant species recorded. According to the Shannon (H') index, UP was more diverse than JP. Family level biotic indices and scores further proved the better water quality of UP than of JP. Hence, it can be said that urban ponds have an important role to play in biodiversity conservation.


Aquatic insects, water quality, ponds, biodiversity, comparison

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