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Ninety-five limoniid taxa have been reported to occur in Turkey. This study, conducted from June 2008 to April 2011, was aimed at describing the Limoniidae (Diptera) fauna in the Marmara region of Turkey. Twenty-three Limoniidae taxa were recorded for the first time for the Turkish fauna. These species are: Crypteria (s. Str.) limnophiloides Bergroth, 1913; Ellipteroides (Protogonomyia) alboscutellatus (von Roser, 1840); Erioptera (s. Str.) tenuirama Savchenko, 1972; Gnophomyia lugubris (Zetterstedt, 1838); Gonomyia (s. Str.) tenella (Meigen, 1818); Molophilus (s. Str.) directidens Stary, 1976; Molophilus (s. Str.) lackschewitzianus lackschewitzianus Alexander, 1953; M. (s. Str.) serpentiger Edwards, 1938; Ormosia (s. Str.) furcata Savchenko, 1973; Rhypholophus varius (Meigen, 1818); Dactylolabis (s. Str.) sexmaculata (Macquart, 1826); Eloeophila submarmorata (Verrall, 1887); Euphylidorea aperta (Verrall, 1887); Prionolabis hospes (Egger, 1863); Achyrolimonia decemmaculata (Loew, 1873); Atypophthalmus (s. Str.) inustus (Meigen, 1818); Dicranomyia (s. Str.) autumnalis (Staeger, 1840); Dicranoptycha paralivescens Stary, 1972; Helius (s. Str.) flavus (Walker, 1856); H. (s. Str.) longirostris longirostris (Meigen, 1818); H. (s. Str.) pallirostris Edwards, 1921; Limonia albifrons (Meigen, 1818); and Neolimonia dumetorum (Meigen, 1804). Distributional data in the study area and Palearctic distributions for each new record are given.


Diptera, Limoniidae, Turkey, Marmara region, fauna, new records

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