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In this study a total of 18 lakes from the Central Anatolia, Marmara, and Western Black Sea regions of Turkey were investigated along with their physicochemical parameters. Thirty-six species of Rotifera and 6 species of Cladocera were recorded. Keratella tecta, K. cochlearis, Polyarthra dolichoptera, and P. vulgaris were the most common Rotifera species and Bosmina longirostris was the most common Cladocera species among the sampling stations. The Brachionus/Trichocerca (QB/T) index was also calculated where applicable. The depth of the water bodies ranged between 2.5 and 62 m, Secchi depth between 0.1 and 6.2 m, water temperature between 19.1 and 29.1 °C, electrical conductivity between 89 and 1894 μS/cm, dissolved oxygen between 6.22 and 9.37 mg/L, and pH between 8.19 and 9.41. Total phosphorus ranged between 0.007 and 0.641 mg/L, total nitrogen between 0.57 and 7.85 mg/L, nitrate between 0.21 and 4.36 mg/L, and nitrite between 0.011 and 1.56 mg/L.


Inland waters, zooplankton, physicochemical parameters, nitrate, phosphorus

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